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Strive4 Academy Trust

Striving for excellence...

The Strive4 Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent:


We believe that children need to be taught how to question; we need to ensure they are fully equipped to take part in great conversations of our time; fostering a deeper knowledge of crucial debates and conflicts can only strengthen our democracy, and our cultural and public spheres. We hope to ensure that young people can add to their schemata, whether that be in the arts, sciences, humanities, technologies, languages or sports.

Our school is committed to ensuring that the curriculum is ambitious, broad and balanced, in order that the needs of all children are provided for, whatever their individual requirements. We aim to make provision for academic achievement and spiritual, social, moral, cultural, physical and creative development of our children. 

We believe that intelligence is multi-faceted, and children learn in different ways; our curriculum supports this.


The children will be encouraged to develop:

     respect for themselves and others: 


•    an ability to work independently and collaboratively; 



•    high standards and personal achievement measuring themselves against their own personal best:  an understanding that learning is a lifelong process; 


•    lively enquiring minds through questioning, investigating and the making of rational decisions; 


•      confidence in the basic skills of English, Maths and computing; 


•      interests and skills, including physical skills which will enable them to enjoy and make the best use of their time both in and out of school; 

•      knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live; 


•      an attitude of respect and care for our environment; 


•     an understanding that our actions have an impact on others and on the environment; 


•    appreciation and respect for their own culture and the arts, and the culture and arts of other communities; 


•     racial tolerance and respect for religious differences; 

•    recognition of aspirations and achievements and celebration of success;


We aim to ensure that social, emotional aspects of learning will permeate every area of the knowledge-engaged curriculum, so that it is explicit and implicit within the taught curriculum. 

Strive4 Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England and Wales registered number: 10863245.
Registered Address: Strive4 Academy Trust, Ray Lodge Primary School, Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green, IG8 7JQ