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Strive4 Academy Trust

Striving for excellence...

Support for schools

 Working with schools graded outstanding:

To preserve the strengths of such schools, the approach that led to this judgement will be shared among the other academies. This will be facilitated by shared training for staff, observations and system development. Our combined knowledge and skills will fully support the ‘Outstanding’ schools by providing an effective and robust structure of support. ‘Outstanding’ schools will be able to enhance, maintain and improve their existing excellent practice through sharing ideas and implementation, through strategies such as action research, across a variety of settings.


 Working with schools graded good:

Schools that have been graded ‘Good’ and joining the Trust will have many strengths to build upon. The Trust will work with these schools to help assist the move to an ‘outstanding’ grade. The extensive experience of our Trust membership will provide strong support for our ‘Good-graded’ schools by helping school leaders to establish and implement an effective framework to enhance high standards of teaching and learning provision and to share knowledge, good practice and services to achieve this. By working with other Trust academies, ‘Good-graded’ schools will be able to use experience and skills from across the Trust to enhance existing practice. We will support these schools by underpinning the progress towards attaining aspirational targets to achieve the ‘Outstanding’ grade.


 Working with schools graded requiring improvement:

The Trust will work with the school leadership and Governors to analyse the school’s overall situation using the OFSTED report as a starting point. The Trust will support the school to ensure that the identified improvements necessary to move towards ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ are addressed. Our Trust is committed to raising and maintaining standards for all the schools and will work in the best interests of both schools and the pupils ensuring sharing of best practice and raising standards through a collaborative partnership. The combined experience of the Trust partnership will enable schools which require improvement to develop standards and practices and the underpinning resources to reach the aspirational goals set.


Working with schools in special measures:

Schools in this category will require rapid improvement strategies to be put into place. We will work with the governors, school leadership teams and staff to seek and implement relentlessly the improvements that are needed to ensure all pupils are able to fulfil their potential and benefit from the same level of provision across all trust academies. Our Trust will create a bespoke package unique to that individual school and provide full support through a dedicated partnership sharing our combined leadership strengths and education experience. The team will monitor progress and outcomes against the planned improvement strategy.


Strive4 Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England and Wales registered number: 10863245.
Registered Address: Strive4 Academy Trust, Ray Lodge Primary School, Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green, IG8 7JQ