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Strive4 Academy Trust

Striving for excellence...

How we Conduct our Business

Financial Health

Strive4 financial strategy is to ensure a robust, solvent and sustainable financial position that supports our core activities and the implementation of strategic plans. Our financial strength is fundamental to the delivery of success of the outcomes that can be delivered for pupils. Crucial to its position as both outstanding provider and Academy sponsor, Ray Lodge Primary enters this next phase of development with a sound financial position. To enable future high quality services to support our provision, we have been capacity building by creating teams with a strong skill mix. The ability to market these services elsewhere is intended to provide an alternative funding stream and to ensure that the level of skills and experience available to all Strive4 providers remains high. As new academies come into contact with us, we carefully work through to ensure the financial issues are understood and significant focus is placed on the funding agreements in place to support the school requirements for their environment and the best options for teaching and learning.

The ethos of the Trust is to ensure that the existing strengths of each school are preserved and enhanced whilst supporting schools towards excellence. As schools join the Trust there will be an analysis of existing information including finance, base line assessment, curriculum, staffing levels, buildings and current judgements. A development plan will be devised and agreed with the staff and governors.

All academies in the Trust will benefit not just from the support provided by other partners but also from sharing their own existing good practice, ensuring benefits for good and outstanding schools as well as those requiring improvement. Each Academy, through its individual funding agreement with the Trust, will contribute to and benefit from the sharing of services to enhance its own academic and financial performance.


Strive4 Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee in England and Wales registered number: 10863245.
Registered Address: Strive4 Academy Trust, Ray Lodge Primary School, Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green, IG8 7JQ